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Why Owning Your Private Garage Is So Savvy

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Luxe Dream Garage is an upscale private garage storage center in Sarasota, Florida. It is an impressive community of premium storage units available for individualownership just like a condominium.


Everyone knows that Sarasota, Florida has a booming real estate market unlike very few places in the country. It’s easy to understand why:

·     300 days of sunshine

·     World-class beaches

·     Reasonably affordable housing

·     Vibrant arts culture

·     Amazing food scene

·     Great hospitals

·     No state income tax


Honestly, the list could go on and on. However, don’t take my word for it. U.S. News & World Report has ranked Sarasota as “Best Place to Retire in the U.S.” In addition, Lakewood Ranch is America’s favorite place to call home. Lakewood Ranch came in at the top of the 50 top-selling master-planned communities in the country.

My point here is that owning real estate here is so beneficial, even people like Mick Jagger own houses here now.


What an Amazing Lifestyle

Regardless, if you live here (full or part-time) you know what I mean when I say this is a great place to live. Whether you enjoy Siesta Key Beach or St. Armand’s Circle for shopping and dining, the lifestyle here is great.


This is The Place To Live if You Love Cars

One of the things that I find great here is the amazing car scene here in Sarasota. Whether you are a classic car guy or prefer exotics like Ferrari or Lamborghini, this place is Nirvana for any car enthusiast. There are car clubs and shows for anything you want.


The Problem is Where to Store Your Collectibles

Most people struggle with where to keep their car collection safe and secure. I think like my brother, you eventually run out of space in your home’s garage and get tired of having to cram it in along with the Christmas tree and bikes. Not to mention the fact that your wife would like to park her car in the garage at some point in the future! To make things worse, if you live near the coast, the parking restrictions are even morelimiting on how big your garage can be.


No one Wants to Store Their Most Prize Possessions in a Rented Storage Center

You have invested way too much into your prized collection to simply store it in a rental storage center. Plus, let’s face it; renting just feels like you are throwing your money away. Private Garage Condos were developed originally by people who were tired of spending money on sub-par storage, and they knew there had to be a better way.


How Buying Your Private Garage Condo is a Way Better Option

When you own a luxury condo at Luxe Dream Garage, you have a garage storage center that is private and convenient. It provides the ideal space solution for every performance enthusiast’s favorite toys, from cars, trucks and motorcycles to boats, jet skis and RVs. Each“condo” is a titled unit and ownership includes access to common areas plus a members-only clubhouse. Owners can build equity in their units and re-sell them the same way people buy and sell condominiums.


How we Redefined Storage Units by Combining an Upscale Space to Store Collections, with a Mezzanine for Business and Entertainment.

Luxe Dream Garage is proud to offer personalized storage solutions that are completely customizable. Everyone wantsa place that is their dream spot. Since everyone’s dream of the perfect garage looks a little different, we have made it easy to customize it to your specs. We have created an exclusive space where you can store and admire your most prized collection and socialize with like-minded enthusiasts who share your interest and understand your passion.


Work, Play, Chill…..Escape the Everyday Grind

Membership has its privileges. Each owner is given access to a luxury clubhouse where monthly events enhance your experience and provide a beautiful space to relax and entertain friends and family. The perfect get-away close to home.  

Bottom line is that you are buying a dream garage you own-and a community you will love.

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