Private motor car Condos & LUXURY STORAGE in Lakewood ranch, sarasota, florida

A dream garage you own,

a space you'll love.

Imagine a private community of collectors where you securely store your most prized possessions and enjoy the camaraderie of others with the same passion. Work. Play. Chill– Escape the everyday grind. The dream is real.

At Luxe Dream Garage we know that you want an exclusive space where you can store and admire, your most prized collection. In order to do that, you need a gated and guarded enclave. A private luxury garage condo community with access to a members-only clubhouse.

The problem is, until now, you have been forced to either rent a basic storage unit or battle for space in your family garage which makes you feel unorganized and frustrated. We believe everyone deserves to have a private place where like-minded enthusiasts can mingle, hang, work, socialize and share their passions.
We understand, we are enthusiasts just like you which is why we created the perfect personalized storage solutions for all your car, bike, boat and RV needs, in a place that you own not rent.

So, reserve your dream garage. And in the meantime, take a virtual tour of the exclusive community. Stop spending an arm and a leg renting storage or digging your show cars out from under the Christmas lights. Instead, become an owner of your own luxury garage condo where you control your investments and enjoy your passions.
A Space for all your Needs

Luxury Storage Suites in Sarasota

Customizable Garage Condos

We help you build your garage how you want. Add a loft, lift, or office. Combine units for larger garage. Mezzanine for business and entertainment.

Private, safe & secure storage facility

24/7 Video Surveillance. Keypad/FOB access only. Fire sprinklers throughout. Entire facility is gated and fenced.

Smart Auto Storage Investment

Ownership itself- you receive a deed and title and all the benefits. Our pricing structure is designed to accelerate your equity.
Our team
We are enthusiasts just like you,
which is why we created the perfect
personalized storage solution.
David Slone,
Founder, Developer
Jon Anthony Astore,
Partner, Director of Sales & Marketing
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